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AOPA Aerobatics Course

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The course is designed to provide the training needed to qualify for the award of the AOPA Aerobatic Certificate.  For pilots with no previous aerobatic experience the minimum course length is 8 hours of flight time and 8 hours of ground instruction.  For pilots with previous aerobatic experience it may be possible to achieve the required standard in less time; your instructor will be able to advise you about this after your first flight.

The course syllabus is:

  • Engine/airframe – knowledge of limitations and safety aspects.
  • Pre-flight procedures.
  • Slow flight – level, climbing, turning and descending.
  • Stall Entries and Recoveries from various flight attitudes.
  • Advanced (maximum rate) turns.
  • Spins and Precision Recoveries.
  • Recoveries from unusual attitudes.
  • Loop.
  • Aileron Roll.
  • Barrel Roll.
  • Slow Roll.
  • Stall Turn.
  • Roll off the top of a Loop.
  • Combination Sequence.

Tiger Airways AOPA Aerobatic Courses are run by our Chief Flying Instructor, Tizi Hodson.  Tizi has exceptional experience of aerobatics having twice been Leading Lady of British Competition Aerobatics, she also flew as part of the Unipart/Skyhawks Display Team in an RF 4 in the 1980’s and holds a current CAA Display Authorisation.

The aircraft used are the highly capable Slingsby T67M MkII Firefly, an aircraft until recently used by the military for training the next generation of service pilots, and the superb CAP 10C.

Firefly Performing AerobaticsCost for the basic course, including 8 hours flying, 8 hours of briefings, landing fees and temporary membership of Tiger Airways Flying Club for the duration of the course, is £1850 on the T67M Firefly or £2090 on the CAP 10C.  Additional flying is charged at £210 per hour on the T67 Firefly and £240 per hour on the CAP 10C, plus £8 per landing at Gloucestershire Airport, all prices include VAT at 20%.

Both aircraft are available for solo hire for suitable qualified pilots, T67 Firefly £198 per hour for aerobatic flying or £180 per hour for touring/general flying, CAP 10C £228 per hour for aerobatic flying or £210 per hour for touring/general flying, landing fees at Gloucestershire £8 per landing or touch and go.For more information about these flights you can e-mail us at or call us on 01452 854 141, you may even find yourself talking to one of the pilots.