Customer Comments

"Well, I still have a big smile on my face, what a wonderfully professional and friendly operation you run at Tiger airways. For two such accomplished people, you make us mere mortals feel truly at home in your company."

Gift Ideas

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Are you looking for a Present for someone special? A Birthday Present, a Christmas Gift, an Anniversary Gift or just a Present to say “Thanks”.
A Gift Certificate for a flight with Tiger Airways could be just what you need as a present for that special occasion. We offer a variety of flights, all with the chance for some “hands on” flying. You can opt for a flight in a 1930’s designed, Tiger Moth era vintage bi-plane, used as a trainer in World War II, or you can go for a modern trainer of the type used by the British Military for most of the last 20 years. For extra thrills you can go for an aerobatic flight in either type of aircraft. There are links to all of the options listed below.
You can either book the flight for a specific date and time when you order the Gift Certificate and let them fly their Birthday Present on their Birthday or a date convenient to it, or you can give an open dated Gift Certificate and let the recipient choose the date later, perhaps save their Christmas Gift for a warm summer’s day.
You can choose from the following sets of options for the Gift you want:
Good luck, we hope you find the gift you are looking for.