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"Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed yesterday's flight in the Stampe. Tremendous fun and the best day out I've had for a long time!"

Glider Pilots

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So you’re a glider pilot and you want to add Private Pilot’s License to your qualifications.  Why come to us for your PPL training?  Two reasons; first Tiger Airways is run by glider pilots who understand exactly where you are coming from, and second our training aircraft, a Fournier RF6B and a Slingsby T67M MkII Firefly, are actually fun to fly, you will enjoy doing your PPL training, your flying lessons will actually be fun – you may want to go on to do some aerobatics, perhaps even an AOPA Aerobatic Course.

Requirements for both NPPL and JAR PPL conversions are listed below, if you do the NPPL and later want to upgrade to a JAR license you only have to meet the additional requirements, not start all over again.


BGA Glider Pilots Licence to NPPL (SSEA)

The holder of a valid BGA Glider Pilots Licence who wishes to obtain a NPPL with SSEA Class Rating shall:

a. Produce the BGA Glider Pilots Licence;

b. Produce log book evidence of having satisfactorily completed not less than 10 hours flying training on single-engine piston aeroplanes under the supervision of a FI(A), which must include:

(1) Not less than 1 hour dual instruction in stall/spin awareness and avoidance;

(2) Not less than 1 hour dual instrument appreciation;

(3) Not less than 1 hour supervised solo flight.

c. Pass the JAR-FCL PPL (A) theoretical examinations;

d. Hold a valid NPPL Medical Declaration or JAA Class 1 or 2 medical certificate;

e. Pass the NPPL NST and GST in a SSEA.

BGA Glider Pilots Licence to JAR-FCL PPL

10% of total flight time in gliders credited towards the 45 hours required for a JAR-FCL PPL up to a maximum of 10 hours.  This means if you have 100 hours or more as PIC on gliders you need to do 35 hours minimum for a JAR-FCL PPL, at least 10 hours solo, at least 20 hours with an instructor, 5 hours ‘instrument appreciation’ (can be part of the 20 hours) and the qualifying cross-country, skill tests and exams.  You will also need a JAR Class 2 medical before solo (or an NPPL declaration and upgrade later).