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So you love the idea of flying and want to learn to fly.  Why choose Tiger Airways Flying Club?

First the instructing team, led by Chief Instructor Tizi Hodson, are flying enthusiasts who love real flying and teaching in small aeroplanes.  Tizi has been flying for 30 years and has 14,000 hours of flying experience on everything from four-engine jets (she spent 10 years as an airline pilot before returning to her true vocation – instructing) through twin-engine air taxi aircraft, light singles like the ones we train on here and micro-lights, gliders and motor gliders.

Second the aircraft we use.  If you are learning to fly for fun, the aircraft you fly should be fun to fly, not just a motor-car with wings.  Our Slingsby T67M and Fournier RF6 combine incredibly light, responsive controls with a delightful all round view and a superb aerobatic capability (that’s why the military use them for their elementary flying training courses).  You don’t need to do any aerobatics to get a Private Pilot’s License, but it’s nice to know you can and the aeroplane is strong enough for it.

For details of available courses and prices, click here.

For more information about these flights you can e-mail us at or call us on 01452 854 141, you may even find yourself talking to one of the pilots.