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There are two options available for someone wanting to obtain a Private Pilot’s License in the UK.

UK National Private Pilot’s License (NPPL), requires a course of a minimum of 32 hours flying, of which 10 hours must be flown solo.  There are written exams, conducted by your own flying school and a test at the end.  The required medical standard is the same as that for a Public Service Vehicle License; all that is required is a form signed by your GP saying that you do not, to his knowledge, suffer from any of the listed conditions and he knows of no reason why you should not fly as pilot of an aeroplane. GP’s charges for this vary, some don’t charge at all, but around £25 is typical.  The NPPL is valid for use in mainland UK only.

Joint Airworthiness Authority Private Pilots License (JAA PPL), requires a slightly longer course of 45 hours, a little more knowledge of instrument flying is required along with a few other extra details.  The medical requirement is an examination by a CAA approved examiner, a little more rigorous, includes blood pressure tests, an ECG and such.  The JAA PPL involves slightly more complex written exams and flying test, but still conducted by your own flying school.  The JAA PPL is recognised throughout Europe and much of the rest of the World, but not the USA, though it is a simple procedure to obtain an American License on production of your JAA license.

It is possible for a good average student to obtain either license in the minimum hours, given good instruction and reasonable continuity.  However, spreading the license out over a long period of time (i.e. only flying once a week or less) is likely to result in more hours being required.  The number of flying hours needed also (on average) increases with the age of the student. For the NPPL completed in around minimum hours, reckon about 100 landings (£750), for the JAA PPL about 120 landings (£900).

Minimum costs for the flying to obtain the licenses are, therefore, around £5,500 for the NPPL and around £7,500 for the JAA PPL (cost of text books and other minor items such as specialist calculators will add between £100 and £200 to this).  Test and exam fees will amount to another £100 – £200.

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