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"Thanks every one at Tiger Airways , and especially to Tizi who took me up,up and away on Sunday afternoon over the Cotswolds, what a magic experience, everyone should try flying in a bi-plane. Must do it again."

Private Pilots Licence (EASA PPL)

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The Private Pilot Licence permits you to act as the pilot in command of an aircraft for private use and take non-fare paying passengers (cost sharing is permitted provided you, the pilot pay an equal share and at least 25% of the costs). The PPL syllabus includes both flight training and ground based study – Everything you will need to know to pass the flight tests and written tests and obtain your licence is included. The EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Licence is valid throughout the UK and Europe and is usually accepted in most other countries, subject to meeting various local requirements.

Starting requirements

You must be at least17 years old to obtain your licence (you may start training from the age of 14 and solo at 16) and you must hold a Class 2 medical certificate prior to flying solo. You can obtain this certificate by attending a brief medical examination with an Aero Medical Examiner; there is one based on the airport at our base in Gloucestershire.

Training syllabus

If you have no previous flying experience, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires you to spend at least 45 hours in the air before you qualify for your license and pass your skills test with an Examiner (the airborne equivalent of a driving test). 25 hours must be dual (with an instructor) and 10 hours solo, briefed and supervised by your instructor. 5 of your solo flight hours must be cross-country flights.

You will also be required to take multiple choice exams in 7 subjects, we can provide the necessary coaching to prepare you for these exams:

  • Air Law (to be passed before your first solo)
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Flight Performance & Planning
  • Aircraft General & Principles of Flight
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • Radio Telephony


We can supply the books and other equipment you need for your training.

Flight Bookings

Our bookings are normally 2 hours long, which include a pre-flight briefing, the flight and a post-flight de-brief.  In the later stages some longer slots will be required for the cross-country flights, which involve landing away at other airports

During your first lessons, you can expect to fly for around an hour. As you progress, longer flight will sometimes take place, particularly when you progress to the cross-country flights. Flying frequently will facilitate better progress than widely spaced lessons.

First Solo requirements

Before you fly your first solo, in addition to passing your Air Law exam, you’ll need to take a medical examination with an Aero Medical Examiner, to ensure that you’re fit to fly; we can put you in touch with the one here at Gloucestershire Airport.  Time to first solo varies from one individual to another but 10 – 15 hours is fairly typical.

Pilot’s License to be achieved

You will be training for a European Private Pilot Licence with a single engine piston class rating. This entitles you to fly aircraft within that class up to a maximum take-off weight of 5700kg, in any European country, for private and recreational purposes only.


You will progress more rapidly if you are able to minimise the time gaps between your lessons.  This is likely to significantly reduce the amount of training needed to reach the required standard for a PPL and therefore likely to save you a considerable sum of money.

Flying time is charged at our normal dual rates and you can either pay after each flight, or pay for the whole license or a 10 hour block in advance and get a small discount. Hourly rates on the various training aircraft can be found further down these pages.

If you have any queries, or to book you first lesson, call us on 01452 854141.