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"Just a brief note to let you know that I had a really fabulous experience yesterday flying with John in the Stampe. The whole show was good, the welcome, the briefing, the flying jacket and silk scarf and the 'souvenirs' of the flight were all done so well that it made a really memorable day out. On the way home I seriously considered re-mortgaging the house, selling the dog, raiding my grand daughter's trip to see Santa in Lapland fund and cancelling the holiday to buy an historic biplane, but my mum would not let me... Thank you for making my sixtieth birthday treat so memorable, I really can't wait for my seventieth birthday!"

Stearman Bi-plane Flights

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stearman_02The Stearman is as well known in the United States as the Tiger Moth is in Britain; it first flew in 1936. It was America’s principal basic trainer throughout the war and, like the Tiger Moth, was produced in thousands. Perhaps predictably for an American aircraft, it was substantially larger and more powerful than its’ European counterpart; the addition of a tail-wheel and brakes to the main-wheels also made it considerably easier to handle on the ground. The Stearman was fitted with a variety of power plants, the most common being the 220hp Lycoming R680 nine cylinder radial. Post war many aircraft, particularly those converted for crop spraying, were fitted with a 450hp Pratt and Whitney R985A61 radial. The normal (as opposed to agricultural) version of the aircraft had a max. Take-off weight of 2810 lbs, a cruising speed of up to 92 kts, and a range of 325 NM. The Stearman’s wingspan was 32ft 2in, length 25ft 0in, height 9 ft. 2 in.


Stearman_0320 Minute Stearman Biplane Experience

A twenty minute flight over the scenic Severn Valley area, allowing you to experience handling an open cockpit bi-plane for yourself.


Stearman_0330 Minute Stearman Biplane Flight

Includes all of the excitement of the 20 Minute Flight, but the longer thirty minute flight allows more time to perfect your flying skills, or simply to venture further afield over the beautiful Cotswold Hills, one of the loveliest parts of England, especially when viewed from the air.


Stearman_0360 Minute Stearman Biplane Experience

For those who are serious about their Bi-plane flying with that little bit more, your choice of how to use this flight – whether to learn more of the ‘Basics’ of flying, or try some gentle aerobatics, or try navigating in an open cockpit WITHOUT the chart flying out of the aircraft!


Stearman_03The President’s Flight for Two

For that very special occasion: either a full hour of flight, or split into two half hour flights (a half hour each?) followed by a three course lunch for two with wine and Champagne. Plus a ‘Pilot-Teddy’ for the lady to take home.


For more information about these flights you can e-mail us at or call us on 01452 854 141, you may even find yourself talking to one of the pilots.

Prices updated 1st October 2016