Customer Comments

"What a totally awesome hour - Thank you  so much Vince. May Hill and the Malverns will never look the same!! - Fantastic"

Terms and Conditions

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1.      Delivery of Gift Certificates.
Gift certificates are valid for 12 months from date of issue or from some later date specified by the customer at time of purchase. Gift Certificates purchased as Christmas Gifts will be valid for 12 months from Christmas Day unless some earlier date is requested at time of ordering.

2.      Refunds and Cancellations.
We are happy to make refunds on Gift Certificates within 28 days of purchase, subject to a 10% administration charge. The refund will always be made to the purchaser of the certificate, not the recipient or any other party. Once a flight has been booked for a particular date and time, Tiger Airways require 14 days notice of cancellation to reschedule the flight unless exceptional circumstances (such as illness) prevail. Whilst we appreciate that in many cases a flight will be booked for a particular occasion such as a Birthday or Anniversary, vintage bi-plane flights are subject to both weather and aircraft serviceability constraints. In the event that Tiger Airways have to cancel a flight for the afore-mentioned reasons, the customer will be offered the opportunity to rebook for the next available date convenient to them; if necessary Gift Certificate validity dates will be extended to allow this.

3.      Insurance.
All Tiger Airways flights are covered by £5,000,000 legal liability insurance; this cover extends to both Tiger Airways clients flying in the aircraft and third parties on the ground or in the air.

4.      Instruction.
All Tiger Airways flights are with qualified flying instructors and are intended to be of an instructional as well as recreational nature.

5.      Club Membership.
The purchase price of all of Tiger Airways flights includes day membership of the Tiger Airways Club.

6.      Health and Disability.
No medical examination is required before flying with Tiger Airways, however clients with any serious medical condition such as heart trouble or severe asthma are advised to consult their GP before doing so. Clients must be capable of entering and leaving the cockpit with assistance from only one person; this may not be possible for those with severe mobility problems. If in doubt, consult with Tiger Airways. 

7.      Height and Weight.
As with all aircraft, there are some limitations on maximum weight. Persons up to 6’6″ and 242 lbs (110 Kgs) can normally be accommodated without problems. Persons in excess of those figures or who know they have a potential problem with some particular aspect of size or weight, should consult with us at time of booking.

8.      Age Limitations.
There is no minimum age limitation. Children, however, must be sufficiently intellectually mature (in the opinion of the Tiger Airways instructor conducting the flight) to fully understand the instructions given to them before the flight, and in the air; they must also be tall enough to see out of the cockpit and able to reach the controls. Minors will not be allowed to fly without the written consent of a parent or guardian. There is no maximum age limitation.

9.      Flight Durations.
All of Tiger Airways flight times are ‘chock to chock’, that is they include taxi time out to the runway and back.

10.   Operational Availability.
All biplane flights will take place in our Stampe SV4 Vintage biplanes unless explicity requested at time of booking. Tiger Airways reserve the right to substitute the aircraft type used on the day of a flight based on operational status of aircraft without prior notice, although students will be informed of this immediatly prior to flight. Should this be unacceptable at this time an alterative date shall be organised. 

For more information about these flights you can e-mail us at or call us on 01452 854 141, you may even find yourself talking to one of the pilots.